FMCG Transportation

Transportation Of Raw Material And Industrial Equipment

We offer flexible and tailored services for our customers’ diverse needs in the industrial, manufacturing, agriculture, waste, and mining sectors. Our bulk transport capabilities are backed up with industry-leading material handling equipment and vehicles, well maintained and ready to execute the job at hand. We have access to a variety of fleet, including truck and tankers, semi-trailer, bucket trailers, flat deck amongst other fleet type we have in our stable. We are ready to move your material safely, quickly, cost-effectively and compliantly. We pride ourselves to on-time delivery, and handling the goods with utmost professionalism. Maysene Logistics works directly with suppliers, production plants or construction sites to handle nationwide delivery into manufacturing:

  • Dry bulk material / powdered such as cement and ash
  • Bulk liquid (chemicals/ and petrochemicals)
  • Bulk products from warehouse to sites such as infrastructure and plants equipment