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Welcome to Maysene Logistics

Need for professional logistics

Maysene Logistics specializes in reducing our client’s transport concerns by offering a top class logistics service, where technology and applied innovative solutions ensure the movement of bulk materials and products from source to final destination, with precision and environmentally friendly systems.

Our commitment

At Maysene Logistics, we pursue relationship selling with the main intention of forming long-term positive business relationships with clients and their communities.

While our business is based on transporting goods through heavy duty and light duty vehicles, our people remain our greatest assets. None of our state-of-the-art assets functions without our people. We embrace the concept of continuous improvement, providing regular training designed to improve their soft and ICT skills making our teams agile, resilient and ready to serve customers with integrity.

Our vision is to provide responsible, integrated strategic transportation solutions for the benefit of all customers, all employees and communities in which we operate. Thus, the safety of all our stakeholders is paramount. We entrench a safety culture in all that we do and engage in the wellbeing of our employees.

B-BBEE Status

We are a privately 100% black owned and managed company at B-BBEE level 1 Exempt Micro Enterprise. We are committed to archiving economic empowerment through application of amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. Maysene Logistics’s procurement services, employment and training activities are in accordance with the legislation and support the Skills Development Act and Employment Equity Act.


B-BBEE Status

Procurement recognition of 125% towards procurement spent on Empowering Suppliers. Procurement spend on EME.

Procurement spend on Empowering Suppliers that are more than 51% Black Logistics.

Customer B-BBEE benefits for procuring from Maysene Logistics.

Women Inclusion Initiative

Maysene Logistics hires women to drive the 33 tonne dry-bulk tankers